Phoenix Helicopters Celebrate Passing 10,000 hours

Phoenix Helicopters celebrated our 10,000th flying hour earlier this year. To celebrate passing this milestone, we are giving away £10,000 worth of prizes. We are running one competition per month until the end of the year. The prizes will include money off PPL Training, CPL Training, Hour Building, Ground Instruction, Type Ratings and other aviation courses. It’s not every day a flying school gives away free training, so to be in with a chance of winning, monitor our Facebook and Instagram pages and email in your competition answers to


March Competition - Goodwood 30min R22 Trial Lesson (RRP £220)

In March we posted a Facebook competition… guess what aircraft this is? Phil was the first to email the correct make and model of the helicopter pictured and as a result won himself a FREE trial lesson. Phil came down to Goodwood late in March to claim his FREE 30minute flight with Instructor Maxim Tebbitt. Well done Phil!

Total Given away for FREE to date: £220


April Competition - FREE Goodwood R22 Discovery Day Experience (2 hours worth of flying RRP £720)

Another competition winner takes to the skies! This time Jonny Penn is in the hot seat.
A slightly different aircraft to the one he flies for a day job, the Boeing 757!

Jonny completed two hours flight training with Goodwood instructor Maxim Tebbit and covered some helicopter handling techniques including: hovering, transitions, autorotation’s and much much more!
The R22 Discovery day is a fantastic introduction to rotary flying and is the first step towards becoming a private helicopter pilot.
Thanks to everyone who entered the April Competition and good luck in our future draws!

Total Given away for FREE to date: £940

May Competition - Richard Gay Wins £1000 flying credit. 

Our May competition was open to our existing: students, Self-fly hire pilots and charter customers. Anyone who spent £1000 or more during May was automatically entered into a prize draw.
Up for grabs was £1000 flying credit and the winner was Richard Gay! Richard is very close to the end of his PPL course on the Robinson R22 and we hope this injection will help him to finish it off.
Keep up the great flying Richard!

Total Given away for FREE to date: £1940


June Competition - £1000 flying credit WINNER ANNOUNCED!

In June we launched the Phoenix Helicopters Photo Competition. Open to all, we were extremely impressed by some of the snaps that were submitted. 

In particular we were looking for the best photo featuring (or taken from) an aircraft and we were keen to see pictures featuring Helicopters.

Here are the final 3 Photos which we had to choose from, 

3rd Place

Submitted by Adam White, this shot of the countryside dusted with snow was taken during an R22 Training Flight. 

2nd Place

Submitted by Lloyd Horgan this image of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance on start up is absolutely stunning! The long exposure shows the often talked about 'rotor disk'.

Lloyd has a fantastic portfolio of aircraft photographs which are well worth a look. Click here to visit his site.


1st Place

The Winner of the June Photo Competition was this incredible shot submitted by Jo Meadham. Jo is a Paramedic serving on the Thames Valley Air Ambulance. Taken Through her night vision goggles you can see the shadow (we assume cast by the moon!) of the EC135 T3 she was flying in. Not only is this a really unique and interesting shot, but it represents a massive change which is being implemented to HEMS and Air Ambulance services across the country. Air Ambulance and HEMS aircraft are now operating in the hours of darkness offing critical life saving treatment to the counties they serve arround the clock. What a fantastic picture! Thankyou for your entry Jo we hope that you and your friends enjoy your flying lessons.

Allong with work colleagues and her partner (a traininee private helicopter pilot), Jo visited goodwood on the 30th August to take the challenge of flying a light helicopter, the day was a stunner, with clear skies and not a hint of wind. On arrival the group were briefed by Goodwood instructor Cpt. Toby Chamberlain on what to expect during their flights. Often working arround helicopters this was the first chance at flying the machine for most of the group except for Jo's partner Steve who has flown approx 10hrs at our blackbushe branch. Toby explained the Collective Lever, Cyclic Stick and Anti-Tourqe pedals to the group, once airbourne they would all get the chance to have a go! The heli was topped up with fuel and it was time to fly! 

In the hot seat first was Jo, the competition winner. Toby started the machine and took to the skies, each person had 20mins in the air and and was given the chance to try some hovering towards the end of their session, both Jo and her colleague Tracey set a very high standard, holding the helicopter more or less in the same position on each control. Toby was "impressed to say the least". 

Once the girls had set the mark it was time for the boys to have a go! Richard, Lee and Steve flew equaly as accuratley, Toby even demonstrated and Autorotation to the group with Steve on-board.

The day was a resounding sucess and we were realy honoured to meet such a passionate and fun group of people, we hope you had a great day and you can teach your pilots a thing or two when you get back to work!

As mentioned, Jo is a paramedic working on the Thames Valley HEMS service, the helicopter operation is fully supported by  charitable donations and although the day was all a bit of fun it really set in stone how essential this emergency service is. If you would like to find out more about the Thames Valley Air Ambulance service or would like to make a donation to this incredible charity click here.

Jo, Tracey, Lee, Steve and Richard are pictured below.

Phoenix Helicopters are looking to work closely with the Thames Valley Air Ambulance in the future to help raise funds for this critical service, watch this space! 

Total Given away for FREE to date: £2940

July - 5hr Introductory Helicopter Flying Scholarship

Phoenix Helicopters have teamed up with the Air League to provide one deserving winner a 5hr Introductory Helicopter Flying Course. 

The Air league is an organisation which, amongst other things, aims to promote the aviation industry to the younger generation. Phoenix Helicopters would like to show its support by offering this fantastic flying scholarship.
The 5hr course will be conducted over 2-3 consecutive days at Goodwood Aerodrome between the 17th – 30th September.

If you would like to apply for the scheme visit the air league website to become a member of this fantastic organisation!

A massive thanks to Pooleys Flight Equipment! Pooleys will be donating a PPL Helicopter Training pack worth £239.99 to the successful scholar!
Pooleys are a family owned business providing top quality flying equipment to the private and commercial flying industry. If you are in need of any flying supplies from sunglasses to bottles of Oil they’ve got you covered! Click here to visit there site.
Thank you Pooleys!

Applications open 1st July 2016 – Applications close 31st July 2016
If you would like to meet us we will be displaying at the Farnborough Air show 16th-17th July.
Good Luck!!


The September feature of the 10,000hr scheme was a special one, Phoenix joined forces with The Air League, an organisation who aim to promote & represent UK aviation. The groups youth section the 'leading edge' offer annual scholarships and bursaries which aim to inspire and promote aviation careers to the younger generation. 

Phoenix apprentice James Rowland, who is involved with the Air League noted a distinct lack of rotary opportunities and decided to set up this scheme. 

Offering a full 5hrs of rotary flight training to the deserving candidate had the opportunity to really get to grips with helicopter flying and we hope was inspired to one day continue to PPL(H) and beyond. 

The 2016 scholarship winner was Ben Heenan, a mechanical engineer and aviation enthusiast. His previous experience within helicopter operations at Lee-on-Solent SAR as well as work experience at CHC Aberdeen showed a keen interest in rotary flying specifically. 

Ben visited Phoenix between the 26-29th September to take advantage of his hours and both instructors Maxim Tebbitt & Toby Chamberlain commented his ability to fly well using references, Bens previous experience at his university gliding club helped with learning the extremely light touch needing in the R22. 

As with a fixed wing licence, to complete an EASA private pilots licence (helicopter) PPLH, trainees must sit 9 theoretical examinations as well as a minimum of 45hrs of flight training. Thanks to Pooleys Flight Equipment the "Heli scholarship" winner, Ben, has a full training pack including books & charts to help him with his further ground & flight training. Once again a huge thank you to Pooley'sfor supporting the scheme.

Ben flew G-OAVA, one our 5 Robinson R22's, a worldwide favourite for helicopter training. Although not initially intended as a trainer the R22's duel controls, relatively small engine and basic design make it the perfect aircraft in which to learn the art of chopper flying. 

We hope that other helicopter schools in the UK are inspired to offer something similar to The Air League and would urge them to contact the Air League Panel for more information.

If your an aspiring pilot or aviation engineer why not become a member of the Air League. For as little as £38.00 a year you have the chance to apply for annual scholarships and bursaries as well as year round aviation visits.

For more information on membership visit



October Competition - ???

November Competition - ???

Total Giveaway = £10,000!

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We both had a fantastic flight and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a lovely clear day which helped make the views over West Sussex stunning. 
Having a flight in a helicopter is something I have wanted to do for years, it was great to enjoy such an experience.

Kim and David Edwards (Pleasure Flight)

Thank you all at Phoenix, SO much! I think it's finally sinking in for Matt exactly what went on yesterday. His maiden chopper flight was wonderful and he had a great day. Such a smooth flight. Really can't thank you enough for making the day so special

Aimee and Matt (Charter)

Just a short note to express our thanks to all at Phoenix Blackbush,for a truly enjoyable experience.Our special thanks go to Simon Halfpenny not only for his cheerful sense of humour but also for his skill as a pilot,over the last 25 years I have flown with many pilots most being military or EX.& I can say that Simon ranks amongst the best that I have had the pleasure to fly with. (London Helicopter Tour)

Clive Stewart Morrison

I really enjoyed my training with Phoenix Helicopters (even with the stresses of a tight budget and timescale!), and having now passed my PPL I will definitely be continuing my training and self-fly hire there.

Sean Larsen (Student)

A very enjoyable flight. A birthday present for myself and friend and trial first flight. Hoping to do the flight down The Thames next year for our 40th and 60th birthdays!

Groupon Customer

We would like to say a huge thank you for all your help and service on our big day. It was an amazing day and your contribution helped our wedding be the day we wished for and a success. We appreciate all your efforts on the day. Lots of Love Vanessa & Ravi  

Vanessa & Ravi (Wedding Charter)

Phoenix for me is now more than just a school to learn how to fly, it has a very homely feel to it, where students and the staff have become a family.

Stuart Russell (Student)

Easy to find with excellent parking. All staff, including Toby, our pilot, were very approachable and happy to chat. Great atmosphere. A thoroughly enjoyable experience all round.

Groupon Customer

Phoenix Helicopter Academy at Goodwood is a great place to learn to fly. Relaxed, yet totally professional. The instructors go out of their way to ensure you get the best training. Highly recommended!

Kevin Piotrowicz (Student)

Thank you for a fantastic experience. It was very well organised and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Groupon Customer