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Aerial Photography

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With the ability to hover at all heights and have the door removed, helicopters provide the photographer with a platform for detailed aerial photographs. Low-level aerial photography can offer architectural, abstract or landscape images to the professional. A photograph taken from an aerial perspective is one of those things that people rarely get to see, it is something that allows people to see their beloved possessions from a perspective that they have often only dreamed of being able to see. Whether it is an aerial photograph of your home or a photograph of a boat or yacht, Phoenix Helicopters can provide the photographer and helicopter to provide a perfect package to get the aerial photograph of your pride and joy. Getting the best image is a matter of teamwork between the photographer and Phoenix Helicopters have the skill sets to produce highly professional aerial photographs.

Our R44 fleet includes a clipper with floats G-SUNN which is a perfect ship to use for aerial photographs of boats and yachts over the Thames, Solent or anywhere around the Isle of White. If you have an interest in getting some professional aerial photographs of your boat in action contact us now and we can put together a cost effective package to get the photographs that you desire.

As well as being able to offer aerial photographs of homes and vessels at sea, Phoenix Helicopters can also conduct air to air photography. Our professional photographer and experienced pilots can work with you to create a flight with the right backdrop to really set the photograph off, and create a special image that will last a lifetime. With impressive backdrops such as the Spinnaker Tower, The Needles along the Isle of White and Beachy Head only a short flight away, Phoenix Helicopters are the perfect choice to create the ideal composition to really set your aircraft off.

Phoenix helicopters can work closely with you to produce the aerial photograph you desire of your home, boat, aircraft or a special landmark. Contact our team now to discuss your ideas and start to formulate a plan to get the aerial photograph of your dreams.

Specialist Aerial Photography is something the helicopter simply can not be beaten on. Its stability, ability to slow down, stop and position exactly where the photographer wants their shots to be taken from is simply unparalleled.

There are many requirements of Aerial Photography from Construction projects: whether you wish to commission a single shot or repeat shots, say, every month until the project is completed.  High class images for your website.   Property for sale. When the site is either too large or even too grand or there may be obstructions such as trees in the way for ground shots. Legal Matters such as boundary disputes can often be settled with an aerial photograph. Book and magazine publishers and new paper often use high quality image. 

We can cater for your own photographer or if you prefer we have teamed up with one of the UK top photographers to enable us to produce extremely high quality images for you. We will be specializing in Boat Photography with our marina helicopter but can also cater for individual aerial photo needs.



With Oli Tennent


We have teamed up with one of the UK’s top photographers to offer high end aerial photographs that simply can not be achieved in any other way.

As we are ideally located at Goodwood and only a short flight from the sea and the Solent arranging photo flights could not be easier.

We simply decide on a mutual time, we meet you out at sea with our marina helicopter; you open the throttle and leave the rest to us.



With Phoenix Helicopters skill in aerial photography, what better way capture your pride and joy than an action shot over one of the many stunning backdrops around West Sussex. Air-to-air photography requires special skills and experience, both in coordinating a formation as well as understanding the positioning within space that will show off the aircraft to greatest effect. As the photo platform a helicopter makes the perfect chase aircraft, with the ability to fly lower level and slower than a fixed wing aircraft it gives the photographer far more flexibility when looking through his camera to get the perfect shot.

The subject aircraft is photographed while both aircraft are in flight. This allows the photographer to position the subject in specific locations and angles to get the most desirable shot. Some things that must be considered to achieve best results are lighting and background. Proper lighting is achieved through correct placement of the aircraft relative to the sun, and is accomplished flying only at certain times of the day and/or by flying on a heading that lines the sun up on the subject aircraft properly. The background can highlight or distract from the subject and must be carefully considered when taking shots. At Phoenix Helicopters, we take all of this into consideration to put together a photograph that does justice to your machine and the scenery in the background.



Landscape Photography

Landscape or property photography from the air gives a unique perspective on a home, building or particular landscape. Nothing beats the quality and observational perspective that you can achieve by using a helicopter to look down on the feature to be photographed. Again the flight characteristics of helicopters enable a superior photography platform. The stability and ability to fly slowly give the photographer time and flexibility to line up the perfect composition for the photograph and get the exact picture you are looking for faster and with greater clarity. Whether it’s a one off photograph, a new item needing a rapid response or a photographic series over a period of time, Phoenix Helicopters are here to help with all your needs.