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Wedding Days

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Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life. A day full of romance and memories, that you'll want to treasure forever. Why not add even more magic by travelling to or from your wedding in your very own personal helicopter?

Despite its glamorous image, flying by helicopter costs much less than you may imagine and is a realistic alternative to hiring a limousine. A Helicopter Flight will add the ultimate touch of style to your arrangements!

So why not

  • * Have a stylish alternative to limousine hire
  • * Add a touch of glamour and excitement to your Big Day
  • * Flights timed to complement your schedule perfectly
  • * Take off for a sightseeing tour around your wedding venue
  • * Costs much less than you may think




At Phoenix Helicopters we will tailor a Wedding Flight Service especially designed to meet your unique needs on your special day. You will be allocated an event coordinator who will work to ensure that you make an unforgettable entrance or exit from your chosen venue at exactly the right time. We'll also arrange the Flights Schedule with you to make sure that your photographer has plenty of time for photographs and that your spectacular arrival and departure are captured forever on your wedding video! Where necessary we shall also provide ground crew assistance on the day to ensure total safety and satisfaction.



Your Tailored Flight Plan   Once you make your enquiry you will be allocated an event co-ordinator who will look at your plan and begin to check through the detail. We do require legal landing sites both at the departing and landing venues and land owners permission but your co-ordinator will check these details out for you. Once we have established that the flight can be carried out safely, we will provide you with a fixed quote with prices starting from as little as £495.00 plus VAT. The price will include all flight times, landing fees and where necessary our ground crew and naturally plenty of waiting time for photos.

You may want to have a sky tour of the local area prior to arrival at your final destination. We'll be happy to advise you of landmarks and points of interest that you may like to fly over, and take you there to enjoy a bird's eye view.

To make the flights even more enjoyable we can arrange for special items such as cards, gifts and flowers to be placed in the helicopter ready for your arrival and naturally as part of our package a small bottle of champagne is included with our compliments.


We pride ourselves on providing you with a Personal Wedding Flight Service that covers all eventualities but unfortunately even we can't provide a watertight guarantee for the weather! We do recommend that you have a "back-up plan" for transport if poor weather conditions prevent us from flying. This doesn't happen very often but in the rare event that it does you would receive a full refund.


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