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The company you can trust with your training and charter you can now trust with your helicopter sales

If you are thinking about buying or selling a helicopter, look no further than Phoenix Helicopters. A trusted provider for charter and training; Phoenix Helicopters is now a top provider for helicopter sales. We have several aircraft for sale and have the ability to advertise your aircraft internationally. We have a mixture of piston and turbine aircraft currently for sale, and have the ability to put more helicopters up for sale at any time.

Unlike most agents we can offer either a fixed price sale which will include national advertising rather than a commission based sale as the requirements for selling an R22 are very similar to selling an Augusta 109. Our sales packages include national advertising in most of the premium magazines and web sites that specialise helicopter sales, including AV Buyer, Helidata and Pilot Magazine. So come to Phoenix Helicopters for a hassle free sales service, where we do all of the advertising work for you.

Our web site is optimised so that a Google search will display Phoenix Helicopters and your advert in the first few search terms. With strong page ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo for all the key words such as Helicopter Sales, Robinson R22 for sale, Bell 206 for sale etc.

We can also take the hassle out of dealing with the “tire kickers” and “wishful thinkers”, with our simple vetting process, as well as contact with a network of finance brokers should the buyer require the assistance of finance on your sale.

Contact the team at Phoenix Helicopters if you would like to sell your helicopter or if you are interested in purchasing one of the helicopters. We can arrange viewings and test flights to suit your schedule and assist you with the buying or selling process.



Augusta Westland SW-4 - (View In Detail)

The SW-4 is a light single multi-purpose helicopter designed to carry up to 5 people, including a pilot under day and night VFR conditions. The SW4 was first introduced by the Polish Military in 2002 and is still in service today. The model for sale is a 2007 version fully equipped for civilian executive transport. The machines low running costs and modern design make it a great entry level single engine turbine.    

Robinson R22 Beta 2 G-OAVA - (View In Detail)

Robinson R22 Beta 2 for sale. This R22 is being rebuilt so will have 2200 hours after rebuild. The option of a re spray is available to any buyer. During the rebuild the new Kevlar bladder tanks will be fitted which could be worth $37,000 as the bladder tanks are expected to become mandatory. Expected rebuild completion early May 2014.