Phoenix Flying Trips

Every so often Phoenix Helicopters organise a group fly-in trip. The trip involves flying in convoy to an interesting site or venue. The trips are available to both students and self-fly hiring PPL pilots. Some of our best trips so far include Lake Vyrnwy Hotel in Wales, Le Touquet in France and The Helicopter Museum in Weston Super Mere.

The trips give students a great opportunity to take the Helicopter to somewhere where perhaps they wouldn’t go by themselves. The flights can also be great experience from a training perspective as many trips include flying abroad, landing in confined areas and flying over a completely different type landscape such as the mountains valleys of Wales or crossing the channel.

The legs can be shared between pilots for students on a budget or if you’re looking to build hours you can hire the helicopter all to yourself for the trip.

Le Touquet - June 2016 - (Read More…)

This year’s annual Le Touquet trip saw six Phoenix machines cross the channel in a glorious convoy.

The Great Pub Crawl - May 2016 - (Read More…)

A Phoenix Helicopter convoy of 4 Robinson helicopters took to the skies on the world’s best alcohol free pub crawl.

RNAS Yeovilton - 2015 - (Read More…)

Phoenix Helicopters last hour building trip of the year saw a pair of Robinson Helicopters fly from Goodwood Aerodrome to the Royal Navy Air Station at Yeovilton.

Wales Mountain Flying - 2015 - (Read More…)

The third Phoenix Helicopters trip of the year, remaining in Great Britain this time but going across the country and into Wales for the annual Mountain Flying weekend. Accompanied by a great group of students and pilots, with weather to match, a fantastic time was had by all.

Le Touquet - 2015 - (Read More…)

A helicopter convoy of eight aircraft, including two R44’s and six R22’s, flew over the channel to the beautiful French town of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. The trip was a great success, brilliant flying, fabulous evening entertainment and good company. Big thanks to all our students that came along!

Duxford War Museum - 2015 - (Read More…)

The Duxford War Museum fly-in trip  26th April 2015. The whole fleet airbourn again

Wales Mountain Flying - 2014 - (Read More…)

The Phoenix helicopter convoy at it again… this time it was for a mountain flying, overnight stay trip to Wales. The venue of choice was absolutely stunning and the weather gods were on side! Thanks to everyone who came.

Le Touquet - 2014 - (Read More…)

A Phoenix helicopter convoy of seven aircraft, including two R44’s and five R22’s, flew over the channel to the beautiful French town of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage for an overnight stay. The trip was a great success, thanks to all our students that came along!

The Helicopter Museum - 2014 - (Read More…)

After being cancelled due to weather four times the Weston Super Mare Helicopter Museum trip finally took place. The Museum trip was a great opportunity for PPL students and hour builders to test their navigation techniques with a practical challenge. The day was a huge success with some great flying as well as some interesting sights at the museum.