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Le Touquet - 2014

June - 2014

A Phoenix helicopter convoy of seven aircraft, including two R44’s and five R22’s, flew over the channel to the beautiful French town of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage for an overnight stay. The trip was a great success, thanks to all our students that came along!

The trip started with the aircraft based at Blackbushe making their way down south, to the scenic Goodwood Aerodrome, for a pre-flight briefing with Chief Pilot Paul Andrews. After raiding the office supplies of tea and coffee, the crew of eighteen split themselves into two R44’s and five R22’s.

The loose convoy of seven helicopters flew a route following the incredible south coast line passing Littlehampton, Brighton and Hastings before coasting out over the English Channel. Phoenix Helicopters Instructor, Toby Chamberlain, as lead aircraft, made the initial call to the French controllers of Le Touquet Airport. After a stylish seven aircraft approach the crew made their way into the Airport to negotiate hiring a fleet of eighteen bicycles.

The beautiful French country roads were then terrorised by the eighteen cyclists as the Phoenix convoy made its way to the hotel. The crew arrived at the hotel to check-in with only a few minor cycling incidents / crashes. The crew enjoyed a few drinks at the hotel bar before making their way into town for dinner.

The evening meal was great fun with a fantastic atmosphere in the venue and some good laughs amongst the crew. After everyone had eaten, the Phoenix convoy visited some of the local pubs and enjoyed the live music that was being performed in the streets all over the town, as part of the Le Touquet music festival. Some of the crew retired back to the hotel whilst others enjoyed the jazz music being played late into the night.

The sun came up yet again for another beautiful day in Le Touquet. The hotel provided a typically French breakfast with baguettes, ham, coffee and croissants all part of the breakfast buffet.  The majority of the team spent the morning down at the beautiful sandy beaches in the sun whilst others made their way back to the airport to experience some more flying down the French coastline.

The crew then made their way into town for the final time for a spot of lunch before cycling back to the airport ready for departure. The Phoenix Formation coasted directly out from Le Touquet airport heading for Hastings. Pilots and passengers were treated to another incredible flight across the channel passing the beautiful south coastline before routing inland back towards Goodwood.

The trip was short, including a one night’s stay but for the staff at Phoenix, it was a fantastic trip with many memories. We hope all students, passengers and self-flying pilots enjoyed the trip as much as we did and we look forward to organising more trips later on in the year.