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The Helicopter Museum - 2014

April 2014

After being cancelled due to weather four times the Weston Super Mare Helicopter Museum trip finally took place. The Museum trip was a great opportunity for PPL students and hour builders to test their navigation techniques with a practical challenge. The day was a huge success with some great flying as well as some interesting sights at the museum.

After 4 previous attempts to Fly to the helicopter museum at Weston Super mare, 3 Instructors, 2 PPL Hour Builders and 4 PPL students in 3 R22’s and 2 R44’s departed Blackbushe on Saturday morning. Lining up on Runway 25 for a formation departure to The Helicopter Museum at Weston Super Mare. The trip went swimmingly (despite the crew of the R44  making an unplanned stop for a toilet break!)

The 4 ship team arrived at the museum before lunch where they had a guided tour of the machines on display. The most popular machines were the impressive Russian Mil Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter, A classic American UH-1 Huey and the record breaking G-LYNX which was the actual helicopter that broke the world speed record of 249.09mph!

After refreshments the Phoenix crew departed the Bristol Channel and headed South East to a very busy Compton Abbas, there was a short refuelling break with baguettes for lunch whilst watching a number of vintage aircraft practice their circuits and landings on the grass strip.

For the Instructors the final leg home was put to good use testing the students’ abilities to remember their emergency procedures and practice forced landings. Everyone return safely to Blackbushe by 17:30 after an eventful trip with just under 15 hours flown between the 4 helicopters.