Self Fly Hire Heroes

For those pilots that have passed their Private Pilots Licences it can be great fun flying around the local area taking friends and family up to enjoy the skies. However it can be even more fun to push the boundaries and test your flying ability by navigating somewhere new. Perhaps a new airfield to visit or even a private landing site such as a hotel.

The self-fly-hire heroes section shows some of our PPL pilots most interesting trips. If you are looking for somewhere interesting to fly-to why not ask a member of staff today, we have lots of pre assessed private landing sites for you to choose from…

Suggested Self Fly Hire Trips
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1. Denham Airfield 1. Compton Abbas Airfield 1. Manston Airfield
2. Shoreham Airfield 2. Henstridge Airfield 2. Lands Ends Airfield
3. Popham Airfield 3. Cranfield Airport 3. Burgh Island Hotel
4. Bembridge Airfield 4. Gloucester Airport 4. Le Touquet Airfield
5. Dunsfold Airfield 5. Earls Colne Airfield 5. Lake Vyrnwy Hotel 
6. Thruxton Airfield 6. Kemble Airfield 6. Gatwick/ Heathrow Crossing 
7. Wycombe Air Park 7. Redhill Airport 7. London Heli Lanes
8. Membury Airfield 8. South End Airport 8. Four Seasons Hotel
9. White Waltham Airfield 9. Jack FM Traffic Report 9. South Lodge Hotel
10. Lee On Solent Airfield 10. RAF Deanland  10. Chewton Glen Hotel


Jonathan & Philippe – France, Belgium & Back – July 2016 - (Read More…)

PPL pilots Jonathan Deibel and Philippe Perreaux fly inside UK, French and Belgium airspace all in one day! Goodwood to Calais Dunkirk, then Calais Dunkirk to Knokke Heliport in Belgium.

Jonathan Deibel – 2 Pub Lunches in 2 days! – May 2016 - (Read More…)

PPL pilot Jonathan Deibel visits two beautiful private sites in two consecutive days, not a bad way to travel for some lunch!

Mark Vickers lands on one of the newest Pub Heli-Pads in the UK – April 2016 - (Read More…)

Mark Vickers lands on one of the newest Heli-Pads in the UK for a spot of brunch. The Fighting Cocks Pub, on the Isle of Wight, has recently opened a newly created Heli-Pad. Mark took advantage of this new landing site and headed over for a bacon sandwich!

James Rowland, appreciating the finer things with two hotel visits – February 2016 - (Read More…)

Apprentice James Rowland enjoys two hour building trips to local hotels. James is now powering his way through the hour building, increasing the difficultly each flight with these confined private landing sites. Well done James, excellent choice.

Philippe Perreaux ups the difficulty with Heathrow & Gatwick voyage – January 2016 - (Read More…)

Philippe Perreaux, Professional Pilot Course Student, gives us something to write about again! This time Philippe tackled the London Heli lanes and crossed Gatwick Airport. Flying through Heathrow and Gatwick Airspace all in one flight! Great work Philippe.

Jonathan Deibel transits zones, on the way to private site – December 2015 - (Read More…)

Jonathan Deibel takes on the challenge of transiting both Heathrow and Luton airspace on the way to a private landing site just south of Cranfield ATZ.

Tom Joyce takes his flying to the next level in the London Heli-Lanes - September 2015 - (Read More…)

Professional Pilot Course student, Tom Joyce, has piloted one of the most challenging flights on the Phoenix structured hour building program. Tom flew G-OAVA from Blackbushe Airport to Denham Aerodrome taking a very interesting detour via the London Helicopter “Lanes”.

Philippe “cleared to enter” the London Heli-Lanes - September 2015 - (Read More…)

Zero to Pro” pilot Philippe Perreaux has tackeled one of the most challenging flights on the Phoenix structured hour building program. Philippe piloted G-OAVA though the center of the Capital with instructor Max Tebbitt as safety pilot. Flying through London is an amazing experience, even for non-aviation enthusiast, as you can see by the stunning photographs!

Matthew Madden tackles the London Heli Lanes – July 2015 - (Read More…)

Newly qualified private pilot Matthew Madden has kicked off his hour building in style. Matthew has completed a variety of cross country flights including land away flights to Compton Abbas and Kemble. After gaining experience on his first few cross country flights since passing the PPL, Mat decided to tackle the London Heli Lanes.

Sam & Philippe’s Kemble Adventure – April 2015 - (Read More…)

Sam Richards and Philippe Perreaux are both PPL pilots building their hours towards their commercial pilot’s licences. The pair teamed up for the first time to conduct a cross country flight to Kemble Airfield also known as Cotswold Airport.