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James Rowland, appreciating the finer things with two hotel visits – February 2016

Goodwood to Bailliffscourt Hotel and Goodwood to Amberley Castle

Apprentice James Rowland enjoys two hour building trips to local hotels. James is now powering his way through the hour building, increasing the difficultly each flight with these confined private landing sites. Well done James, excellent choice.

Bailliffscourt Hotel

James is currently building his hours on his way to becoming a commercial helicopter pilot, this trip featured a luxurious trip to the stunning Baillisffscourt Hotel. The Hotel has some impressive facilities and is located just south of Climping and only a stone’s throw from a beautiful undeveloped beach.

Amberley Castle

After a few days in the office, James was at it again! This time James headed to the East finding Amberley Castle Hotel. The 900 year old hotel sits in 12 garden acres of beautiful countryside. What a fantastic venue for a cup of coffee!