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Jonathan Deibel – 2 Pub Lunches in 2 days! – May 2016

The White Horse & The Fighting Cocks

PPL pilot Jonathan Deibel visits two beautiful private sites in two consecutive days, not a bad way to travel for some lunch!

The beauty of the helicopter is its ability to land almost anywhere! It’s this capability that makes rotary flying some of the best flying to be had (in our bias opinion). Jonathan took full advantage of the R22’s ability on his latest self-fly hire fun, landing at two Pubs for lunch in two days!

Thursday - Jonathan decided to head North East out of Goodwood, towards a Pulborough Hotel / Restaurant called The White Horse. Landing at a Confined Site is always an exciting challenge and Jonathan used all his prior knowledge, learnt during his PPL training course, to execute a nice landing onto the Hotel grounds.

Friday – This time Jonathan fancied a flight to the South to the beautiful Isle of Wight. The restaurant of choice was one of Phoenix’s favourites, The Fighting Cocks. Again Jonathan was able to practice his navigation and confined area landing techniques as he executed an approach to the Pub. For the way back the aircraft was a little lighter having burnt some fuel on the way but this was more than made up for by the volume of lasagne and sausages that were consumed by Pilot and passenger!

Well done Jonathan, we look forward to seeing more and more of your helicopter adventures.