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Jonathan Deibel transits zones, on the way to private site – December 2015

Heathrow & Luton Airspace Transit en route to private site landing.

Jonathan Deibel takes on the challenge of transiting both Heathrow and Luton airspace on the way to a private landing site just south of Cranfield ATZ.

Jonathan Deibel passed his PPL back in March and since then has been flying with friends and family as well as additional flights with instructors to build upon his skills. Jonathan had used some of those instructional hours to practice his general handling however this flight was going to test his radio and navigational skills.

The aircraft was due a routine service and needed to be flown up to a private landing site at its maintenance facility located just south of Cranfield Airport. Phoenix usually allow their apprentices to flight these maintenance runs but they are also offered to hour building students at a bargain hourly rate. Jonathan took advantage of the ‘service rate’ and used the flight to challenge his skills.

Jonathan and Instructor Max set off from Goodwood, routing through the notoriously busy airspace of London Heathrow before continuing north through London Luton’s airspace. These Zone Transits are a great opportunity to test a pilot’s radio proficiency, Jonathan handled the radio communications with no problems.

The final stages of the flight involved locating the private landing site and performing a challenging confined area landing. Well done Jonathan, keep up the challenging flying!