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Mark Vickers lands on one of the newest Pub Heli-Pads in the UK – April 2016

Goodwood to The Fighting Cocks Pub, Isle of Wight

Mark Vickers lands on one of the newest Heli-Pads in the UK for a spot of brunch. The Fighting Cocks Pub, on the Isle of Wight, has recently opened a newly created Heli-Pad. Mark took advantage of this new landing site and headed over for a bacon sandwich!

Mark Vickers practiced his ‘Confined Area Landings’ with a trip to the Fighting Cocks, on the Isle of Wight. The flight started at Goodwood Aerodrome and headed initially along the beautiful coastline towards Portsmouth Harbour. At Portsmouth Harbour Mark coasted out over the Solent looking for the North Eastern coastline of the Isle of Wight.

Tracking the Isle of Wight’s Eastern coastline down to Shanklin, Mark then headed in-land, in search of his chosen brunch destination. The speedy R44 was overhead the private site in no time at all!

Following the usual pre-landing procedure, Mark began an orbiting site assessment. After considering all the weather variables, ground features, surface conditions and the surrounding area Mark then rolled out of his orbit and started his circuit approach.

“Black Phoenix Zero 5, visual with private site, letting down!” Mark then lowered the Robinson R44 onto the freshly cut grass Heli-Pad and headed inside for some grub. Two bacon sandwiches later, Mark, Instructor Max and the R44 were back in the air en-route to base Aerodrome Goodwood.

Well done Mark for testing your skills with this fantastic off airfield landing site, keep up the great flying! Thank you to the lovely staff at the Fighting Cocks for preparing a brilliant landing site and for providing us with a delicious brunch. http://www.thefightingcocksiow.co.uk/