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Philippe “cleared to enter” the London Heli-Lanes - September 2015

Route: Goodwood - London Heli Lanes H3 & H4 - Goodwood

Zero to Pro” pilot Philippe Perreaux has tackeled one of the most challenging flights on the Phoenix structured hour building program. Philippe piloted G-OAVA though the center of the Capital with instructor Max Tebbitt as safety pilot. Flying through London is an amazing experience, even for non-aviation enthusiast, as you can see by the stunning photographs!

After completing a number of challenging flights from the “Structured Hour Building Program”, Philippe decided to put his skills to the test with the London Control Zone!

The London Heli Lanes are specified helicopter routes through London’s incredibly busy airspace. The RT (Radio) work on route can sometimes be intimidating due to the high pilot work load. Descending approach paths leading to Heathrow and London City Airports are the reason for the “standard operating altitudes” which must be strictly obeyed with little margin for error.

The RT and flight accuracy required makes the routes fairly challenging for PPL level pilots however the incredible views make up for all the hard work!

To follow Philippe though his incredible journey to becoming a fully qualified commercial helicopter pilot, visit his dedicated helicopter training website or his dedicated facebook page.

Great work Philippe, keep up the great flying!