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Philippe Perreaux ups the difficulty with Heathrow & Gatwick voyage – January 2016

Goodwood to Goodwood via the London Heli Lanes (H3, H4 & H7) followed by a Gatwick Crossing

Philippe Perreaux, Professional Pilot Course Student, gives us something to write about again! This time Philippe tackled the London Heli lanes and crossed Gatwick Airport. Flying through Heathrow and Gatwick Airspace all in one flight! Great work Philippe.

Philippe has been building his hours whilst studying for the ATPL theoretical exams. Philippe, like many of our students, like to test their abilities during this hour building section and this flight was certainly a test to remember.

The flight departed Goodwood around mid-day and headed directly overhead Farnborough Airport before routing into the famous London Heli Lanes. The lanes are specific flying routes that allow helicopters to fly into central London within Heathrow’s incredibly busy airspace. There are many routes into the centre, on this flight Philippe used H3 which enters and Bagshot and ends at Barnes. From H3 Philippe continued East on H4 which follows the unbelievably scenic river thames passing all the famous monuments. After passing Canary Wharf the routing reversed with a 180 degree turn.

Philippe then tracked down H7 which exits Heathrow’s Airspace to the south. The flight continued south for a short period in uncontrolled airspace before heading into Gatwick’s control zone. “Gatwick Director, Helicopter Black Phoenix Zero 5 request entry into controlled airspace for a Gatwick crossing”

After the Gatwick crossing Captain Philippe elected to climb above the haze and head directly home to Goodwood. Well done Philippe, it’s great to see you pushing your flying. Good luck with those theory exams.