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Sam & Philippe’s Kemble Adventure – April 2015

Route: Goodwood - Kemble - Blackbushe - Goodwood

Sam Richards and Philippe Perreaux are both PPL pilots building their hours towards their commercial pilot’s licences. The pair teamed up for the first time to conduct a cross country flight to Kemble Airfield also known as Cotswold Airport.

Flying with other pilots can be a great way to build your hours for many reasons. An obvious advantage is that it is great fun flying with like-minded and equally as enthusiastic people. Other benefits include reduced cost of long trips as legs can be shared, both pilots can learn from one another and having another pilot next to you can give you the confidence to try more challenging routes.  

Sam and Philippe set off from Goodwood on their first leg to Kemble Airfield, which is over 65 nautical miles in distance. Kemble Airfield, also known as Cotswold Airport, has some interesting sights such as a small fleet of Boeing 747 jumbos and a retired Red Arrows Jet. The pair swapped seats and then headed to Blackbushe Airport before swapping seats again and returning back to base. Well done guys, looked like a great little trip!