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Tom Joyce takes his flying to the next level in the London Heli-Lanes - September 2015

Route: Blackbushe- London Heli Lanes H3, H4, H10 & H9 - Denham

Professional Pilot Course student, Tom Joyce, has piloted one of the most challenging flights on the Phoenix structured hour building program. Tom flew G-OAVA from Blackbushe Airport to Denham Aerodrome taking a very interesting detour via the London Helicopter “Lanes”.

Tom Joyce has been building his hours after completing the PPL section of the semi integrated Professional Pilot Course. The hour building section is a great opportunity to enjoy piloting a helicopter, taking friends and family along to enjoy the sights. However if the goal is to become a professional commercial pilot, it’s a great idea to really push your ability by conducting increasingly challenging flights. This is exactly what Tom has done!

Inside London’s busy control zone single engine helicopters are restricted to only fly on specified routes called the Heli-Lanes. The Heli-Lanes must be flown with great accuracy to insure adequate separation from Heathrow and London City's IFR traffic. The accuracy required and the intensity of the radio communications can make London a daunting place to fly.

Well done Tom for pushing his flying to the next level. Keep up the great progress!