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Congratulations to Charlie Coumbe PPL (H) Pass – August 2014

Charlie has been on the apprenticeship programme at Phoenix for just over a year now in which time she has completed her PPL (H). Charlie will now start studying for her commercial theory examinations while building her hours at Phoenix. Well done Charlie keep up the hard work.

Charlie is based down at our Goodwood branch on the apprenticeship programme. The apprenticeship is a full time occupation that includes a small wage, as well as an hour’s flight training each week. The programme not only helps individuals like Charlie obtain there required flight licences but it also provides them with valuable experience in the industry.

After completing all the PPL theory exams, 10 hours solo flight, a solo cross country flight and the required flight training with instructor Toby Chamberlain, it was time to book the final practical test. The PPL skills test will test a pilot in almost all aspects of flying as it includes flight planning, passenger briefing, navigation and a range of flight exercises.

We are proud to announce that Charlie passed her Skills Test with flying colours. Charlie will now start studying for her commercial theory examinations while she builds her all important total flight time. Charlie will need to build a total flight time of 155 hours and complete all CPL theory examinations before she can start her Commercial Pilot course.

With the PPL now completed Charlie is well on her way to achieving her dream career. Well done Captain Coumbe keep up the hard work.