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Congratulations to Greg May for completing his PPL (H) July 2014

Congratulations to Greg May for completing his Private Pilots Licence (H). Greg can now enjoy self fly hiring the helicopters and taking up friends and family to share his passion for the skies.

Greg started his flying course at our Goodwood branch having already completed an Aeroplane PPL course. Many would assume it would give Greg a huge advantage having already completed a fixed wing PPL licence. The previous flying experience is valuable in some aspects for example the radio work and navigation are much the same. However some of the practical elements of flying a helicopter, when compared to a fixed wing aircraft, can be quite different and in some cases completely opposite. Greg was able to pick up the sometimes counterintuitive techniques of flying a helicopter very quickly and was soon building his solo hours. After completing the solo cross country qualifier Greg moved quickly through the pre test brush up flights before conducting his PPL skills test with examiner and company boss Paul Andrews. The PPL skills test puts pilots through their paces with a big emphasis on the safety. Greg sailed through with flying colours and can now be a proud holder of both PPL (A) and PPL (H) licences, Congratulations Greg.

Once the PPL licence is competed the flying fun has only just started as you can now add addition helicopter types to your licence as well as hire the helicopters for your own pleasure, taking friends and family up with you. The new EASA PPL is a European licence so will be valid across the whole of Europe giving your endless opportunities and destinations to visit.