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Congratulations to Joel Buttery PPL Pass April 2014

Congratulations to Joel Buttery for completing his Private Pilots Licence this week. Joel Buttery is now qualified to share his passion for flying with friends and family by taking them as passengers. What a fantastic achievement, well done Joel.

Joel has been completing the flight training towards the Private Pilots Licence at our branch at Blackbushe Airport. As part of the PPL Joel had to complete at least 45 hours flight training which includes ten hours solo. As part of the solo hours Joel had to complete a solo cross country flight which involves landing at three aerodromes. The PPL is both enjoyable and challenging so well done to Joel for passing the PPL first time. Joel will now continue to fly with the company taking friends and family up with him while he builds his hours as pilot in command. The EASA PPL licence is valid all over Europe so who knows what destinations Joel has planned next. 

Pictured above is Joel looking very cool after his first solo flight in a helicopter. Below Joel after completing the final PPL skills test with examiner Tim Price.