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Congratulations to Tom Joyce PPL pass May 2014

Congratulations to Tom Joyce for passing his Private Pilots Licence today. Tom has completed the PPL course in record time and will now be able to move on to the hour building stage. Well done Tom.

Tom started the private pilots licence with Phoenix in March and in a matter of weeks has raced through the course. Devoting himself full time during this period, while on leave from work, Tom picked up the flying quickly. After completing his solo cross country flight, flying from Goodwood to Blackbushe to Thruxton and returning to base, Tom was able to finish up the final test prep training with instructor Toby Chamberlain. With the PPL skills test now complete Tom will begin the structured hour building section of the professional pilot’s course. This section will involve flying into new airfields and private sites as well as testing his pilot skills with advance training flights leading up to his commercial training course. The hour building section will be one of the most enjoyable parts of the professional pilot’s course as Tom can now take passengers up with him and share his passion for flying. Well done Tom keep up the good work.