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Maxim Tebbitt passes CPL (H) - April 2015

Congratulations to apprentice Maxim Tebbitt for completing the CPL (H) course this week. Max can now work commercially as a helicopter pilot, starting his professional flying career.

Max started working at Phoenix 2 years ago after completing his PPL (H) at another training school. The apprenticeship involved Max working as part of the operations team in return for a small salary and an hours flying each week. The hour flying each week usually consisted of flying the aircraft to their respective maintenance bases which is a fantastic way to build your hours. The maintenance flights give a semi-commercial mission to each flight, flying A to B to destinations such as Redhill, High Wycombe, Denham and a private site just south of Cranfield.

Once Max had built his flight experience to 155 hours and completed the 14 ATPL theoretical exams, it was time to start the CPL practical flying course with company boss and chief flight instructor Paul Andrews. The CPL Skills test was completed on the 1st of April, to Max’s surprise this was no April fool’s joke and he is now a qualified commercial pilot.

(On the left, Max & iIstructor Paul Andrews after completing the CPL skills test. On the right, the London skyline during the CPL night flying)