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Sam Richards passes CPL (H) - October 2015

Congratulations to Sam Richards for completing his Commercial Helicopter Pilot's Licence at Goodwood Aerodrome!

The commercial flying course is 35 flight hours long, but the journey to becoming a commercial pilot starts well beforehand. Sam had to complete a total of 155 hours flight experience of which 50 hours must have been completed as pilot in command. As well as the required flight experience there are at least 13 commercial theory exams to complete.

Sam completed the 30 hours of the course at our Goodwood branch, and the 5 night hours of night flying were done at Southend Airport. After a flight test with a CAA senior examiner, Sam has now gained his CPL (H). This licence enables him to work as a Commercial Helicopter Pilot anywhere in Europe! 

Pictured below is Sam with our CPL instructor and managing director Paul Andrews.