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Tim Crisp passes CPL (H) – October 2015

Congratulations to Tim Crisp for completing the commercial helicopter pilots licence. Tim has been conducting the 35 hour CPL training course down at Goodwood. Well done Tim!

The commercial flying course is 35 flight hours long, but the journey to becoming a commercial pilot starts well beforehand. Tim, like all aspiring pilots, had to complete a total of 155 hours flight experience of which 50 hours must have been completed as pilot in command, or PIC for those familiar with aviation jargon. As well as the required flight experience there are at least 13 commercial theory exams to complete. Once all these boxes were ticked Tim was able to start the flying course.

With the skills test completed Tim can now work as a commercial helicopter pilot anywhere in Europe. Tim pictured below with CPL instructor and company managing director Paul Andrews. Well done Tim, good luck with your future flying.