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The Helicopter Private Pilot’s Licence, or PPL (H), entitles an individual to fly a helicopter for their personal use. This can be purely for fun or for a practical solution to get you from A to B. Many PPL students go on to hire helicopters from us when they fly purely for fun, some go onto purchasing there own aircraft or advance through their training to a commercial piloting level. The European licence will allow you to hire and fly helicopters all over the continent. 

What’s involved in the PPL course?

The PPL (H) course structure is tailored to each individual student. How frequent you fly will be completely up to you and your schedule. In order to qualify for the issue of a Helicopter PPL licence the applicant must have completed:

• A minimum of 45 hours flight training or which 10 hours will be completed as supervised solo.
• You must obtain either a Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate issued by an authorised medical examiner.
• Obtain a Radiotelephony/ RT Licence which is an oral exam testing your knowledge of aviation radio communications.
• Pass nine theoretical/ ground exams which are all multiply choice with a pass mark of 75%.
• Complete a Solo Cross Country flight which involves landing at a total of three aerodromes.
• Pass the final PPL Skills test which involves candidates demonstrating their piloting skills to an examiner.  

You must be at least 16 years old to fly solo and be at least 17 years old to hold a PPL (H) licence. As of yet there is no maximum age for acquiring the PPL licence. 

Flight Training

You have the choice between two aircraft types here at Phoenix, the two seater Robinson R22 and its four seater bigger brother the Robinson R44. The Robinson R22 and R44 are some of the most popular training aircraft in the world due to their reliability, simplicity and low operating costs.

During your course your lessons will vary in duration depending on the exercises you are covering. Typically lessons are booked in two to three hour slots giving enough time for a pre-flight brief and post-flight brief either side of your flying lesson. Your course can be completely flexible to fit around your busy schedule or intensive for those looking to complete the training full time.

Booking lessons at Phoenix is designed to be as convenient as possible with the option to book online using our online booking diary or over the phone through one of our members of staff.

Theory Exams

The nine theoretical exams that must be completed as part of the PPL (H) course sound intimidating but are all very start forward and relevant to your practical flying. Previously this part of the course was solely down to the student getting their head in the book and studying at home. However at Phoenix we understand that many individuals simply don’t learn effectively in this traditional text book manner. We recommend all our students have ground school lessons from our dedicated ground school instructor to really cement some of the important theoretical aspect of flying. Click the link for more information on our ground school courses.

Medical Certificate

You must have a valid medical certificate before you conduct your first solo flight which is usually 20 to 30 hours into your training. There are two classes of medical in aviation, Class 1 and Class 2 medicals. Class 1 medicals allow you to fly both professionally and for private use whilst the Class 2 medical only allows you to fly privately. For most students a Class 2 medical is perfectly sufficient however for anyone looking to fly professionally we recommend you obtain a Class 1 medical to insure you are physically fit to fly professionally before you get too far into your training. Click the link to view your local aviation medical facility.

Training Prices

At Phoenix we like to pride ourselves on our fair transparent pricing as well as our flexibility. We have a variety of payment schemes to choose from. For anyone looking to training from zero to fully commercial we recommend you have a look at our “Professional Pilots Course” which offers students unique discounts and benefits during their 190 hours flight training.


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Thank you all at Phoenix, SO much! I think it's finally sinking in for Matt exactly what went on yesterday. His maiden chopper flight was wonderful and he had a great day. Such a smooth flight. Really can't thank you enough for making the day so special

Aimee and Matt (Charter)

A very enjoyable flight. A birthday present for myself and friend and trial first flight. Hoping to do the flight down The Thames next year for our 40th and 60th birthdays!

Groupon Customer

Easy to find with excellent parking. All staff, including Toby, our pilot, were very approachable and happy to chat. Great atmosphere. A thoroughly enjoyable experience all round.

Groupon Customer

Thank you for a fantastic experience. It was very well organised and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Groupon Customer

Phoenix for me is now more than just a school to learn how to fly, it has a very homely feel to it, where students and the staff have become a family.

Stuart Russell (Student)

Just a short note to express our thanks to all at Phoenix Blackbush,for a truly enjoyable experience.Our special thanks go to Simon Halfpenny not only for his cheerful sense of humour but also for his skill as a pilot,over the last 25 years I have flown with many pilots most being military or EX.& I can say that Simon ranks amongst the best that I have had the pleasure to fly with. (London Helicopter Tour)

Clive Stewart Morrison

We both had a fantastic flight and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a lovely clear day which helped make the views over West Sussex stunning. 
Having a flight in a helicopter is something I have wanted to do for years, it was great to enjoy such an experience.

Kim and David Edwards (Pleasure Flight)

I really enjoyed my training with Phoenix Helicopters (even with the stresses of a tight budget and timescale!), and having now passed my PPL I will definitely be continuing my training and self-fly hire there.

Sean Larsen (Student)

Phoenix Helicopter Academy at Goodwood is a great place to learn to fly. Relaxed, yet totally professional. The instructors go out of their way to ensure you get the best training. Highly recommended!

Kevin Piotrowicz (Student)

We would like to say a huge thank you for all your help and service on our big day. It was an amazing day and your contribution helped our wedding be the day we wished for and a success. We appreciate all your efforts on the day. Lots of Love Vanessa & Ravi  

Vanessa & Ravi (Wedding Charter)