At Phoenix we are very passionate about delivering a high-quality service to our students, we take great pride in efficiency and the way we put our students best interest at the centre point of our operations.


Post PPL completion you have lots of hours to build before you can begin your CPL course, what better way to spend 10/20 hours hour building than in a foreign country learning and experiencing something amazing.


2018 has brought an exciting new opportunity for students at Phoenix to go beyond the norm and get the edge they will need to become the more experienced pilot. Students in stages 2/3 ‘hour building section’ of their PPC will have the option of venturing to one of our associated training schools across the globe to experience a whole new type of flying. From mountain to bush, long lining to advanced confined area landing courses and adventures over diverse landscapes, this will be the training adventure of a life time.


Experience the beauties of flying in Southern British Columbia, Canada, From remote hot springs and lakes to high altitude mountain and glacier landing sites, expand your VFR skills with the ever experienced BC Helicopters and embark on an adventure of a lifetime! ​​

A B O U T   F L Y I N G   I N   C A N A D A

" A  t o t a l l y   u n f o r g e t t a b l e   f l y i n g   e x p e r i e n c e "

A whole new type of flying! unlike the UK, Canada offers a wide range of helicopter flying experiences from landing on mountains to flying over glaciers and beautiful lakes. Phoenix Helicopters in association with BC helicopters will be offering students on our Profesional Pilots Course the opportunity of duel and solo flying in Vancouver, Canada where they will learn a huge range of new VFR skills.  Students will have the opportunity to fly in the Cabri G2, Robinson R44 and R66. Experience Canadian flying culture at its finest.​

G2 - R44 - R66



A B O U T   F L Y I N G   I N   A M E R I C A

" A  t o t a l l y   u n f o r g e t t a b l e   f l y i n g   e x p e r i e n c e "

Headquartered in Oregon on the West Coast of the United States, Hillsboro Aero Academy is one of the largest helicopter and airplane flight academies in the United States. 

Hillsboro Aero Academy’s campuses allow students to take advantage of flying in the diverse weather and terrain Oregon offers. With close proximity to coastline, mountain ranges, and high desert, the experience of flying in Oregon is totally unique. 

When not flying, Oregon is also a great place to live and explore. Two of Hillsboro Aero Academy’s campuses are just a short drive from the city of Portland which is known for its incredible food, beer and music scene. There are also numerous activities for any outdoor enthusiast from windsurfing in the Columbia River Gorge to year-round skiing on Mount Hood to surfing at the Oregon coast. Oregon’s beauty and diversity are something you can enjoy in and out of the cockpit.

R22 - R44 - Bell206 



We believe that the diverse weather and terrain in Oregon enables our students to train in all different types of weather and elevations that better prepare them for their career as a professional helicopter pilot.​


The diversity of terrain and weather offers us one of the best area for training in Europe. You will fly on international airport, as well as remote valleys where we can train a good level of navigation.

A B O U T   F L Y I N G   I N   S W I T Z E R L A N D

" A  t o t a l l y   u n f o r g e t t a b l e   f l y i n g   e x p e r i e n c e "

Swiftcopters is located directly on the international platform of Geneva airport. It offers great opportunities to pilots wishing to train in the beautiful landscapes of the Alps, and with high level international airport radio communications. Our highly experienced instructors will take you to the mountain and you will allow you to expand your skills with diverse mountain landings as well as navigation through the many valleys of the Alps. There are lots of different types of weather in Switzerland allowing us to train in many different conditons.

R44 - AS350B3 - EC120



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