Keegan Campbell First Time CPL (H) Pass, March 2014

Keegan started flying with Phoenix in 2012, converting his South African PPL to the European PPL. After completing the conversion Keegan began studying for the commercial pilot exams while building his hours with the company.

The commercial exams consist of 13 written papers and do require a great deal of hard work. After completing the written examinations Keegan began the 35 hour commercial flying course with Chief Pilot Paul Andrews. The course includes a 5 hour night section; this part became a real challenge fitting it in all in with the some what difficult weather this winter. After completing the flying course all Keegan had left to do was the nerve racking Commercial Pilots Licence Skills test.

Finally after all the hard work the day of the test arrived and Keegan passed with flying colours. Well done Keegan! Keegan now will start an exciting career as a commercial helicopter pilot, he plans to return to South Africa but we hope to see him again soon, with the EASA CPL under his belt the worlds his oyster.

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