Helicopter Ground Crew

On Special Event Days such as our Pleasure Flights from Lee-on-the-Solent (Daedalus) Airfield we require the use of a Ground Crew Team. This team not only assists passengers on and off flights whilst the aircraft has its rotors running but are also our first responders to any situation.

Here at Phoenix we have a fantastic team who help not only to make the changeover of passengers as smooth as possible, but to also add to the experience of our guests on these days with a friendly atmosphere and great customer service.

This is what Chris (one of our Crew Members) has to say about the role of Ground Crew and working for Phoenix Helicopters….

“Hello and a warm welcome to Phoenix Helicopter Academy. My name is Chris, and I am privileged to be part of the ground crew at Phoenix Helicopters. My role is to maintain passenger safety and make sure the customer experiences the best possible service during their flight with us.

I began this journey in October 2017, after a trial flight in our awesome Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter with Toby, one of Phoenix’s chief instructors. It truly was a magical experience, as I was carefully instructed in each control of the helicopter, whilst enjoying the spectacular sights at 2000ft. I became hooked! During our lesson I enquired about potential opportunities within the company, and the rest is history!!. So far, I have worked at many offsite events such as Cowdry Park near Midhurst, Brecon Beacons in Wales and had many happy times at Goodwood, Blackbushe and Lee on Solent and I’m looking forward to many more to come too!!

The best part of working for Phoenix Helicopters is the fantastic Team work, with a major emphasis on passenger safety and maintaining the best service to our customers when they are in our care. Before each flight we demonstrate a full safety brief with a fully illustrated safety board which shows all the key facts about the aircraft and what to expect during the experience. We then walk you to the loading point, and after receiving the Okay from the pilot we proceed to the aircraft. Headsets and seat belts are the adorned before the doors are closed and you set off for your flight. Our customers’ happy faces really make the role so worthwhile. 

Working at Phoenix Helicopters has really opened up a new world of new experiences to me and has given me a real confidence boost and it makes you realise anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

…All our Crew are required to attend a Basic Training Day and also have separate Fire and First Aid Training.

It is in no doubt a demanding day being on your feet for so long, but all our Crew thoroughly enjoy working with us to create unforgettable experiences for all our guests.

Thanks to Chris for explaining first hand what our brilliant Ground Crew do, and to him and the rest of our team for all their hard work!

If you would be interested in becoming a member of Ground Crew, please send your CV and a covering letter to info@phoenixhelicopters.co.uk

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