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Welcome to Phoenix Helicopters.

If you have come across our shop, then you are obviously searching for that extra special experience for you or for someone to gift to. Some customers know exactly what they want to purchase, but if you are a bit confused about what would be best, keep on reading for a guide on all our experiences.

Trial Lesson or Pleasure Flight?

The first thing you want to determine is whether you want to purchase a Trial Lesson or a Pleasure Flight. Trial Lessons are for those who want to have a go taking control of the aircraft and range in price and aircraft.

If this seems too daunting or you think you or your loved one is more the type to sit back, relax and enjoy then a Pleasure Flight or Dining Package would be the choice. Pleasure Flights are for those that wish to explore and view some stunning scenery from the air. If you wish to add an extra special element to you tour then why not choose a Dining Package where you will be whisked off to a 4/5 star hotel for a spot of lunch before returning back to your original departure point.

Once you have decided between these, scroll down to the relevant section to read more on each option…

Trial Lessons…

So, you have decided that a Trial Lesson would be the perfect gift. So now you need to decide which Trial Lesson suits you and your budget the best.

At Phoenix we have a range of options to suit everyone’s requirements and budgets. For those that want a ‘budget friendly’ experience, our Taster Trial Lessons are the best. These offer a split student & passenger flight which is conducted in our largest aircraft the Robinson R44 (seats pilot, student, plus two passengers). These flights will allow each participant to take control at upper air flight, and at the hover as well as being a passenger. These are the only Trial Lessons that are conducted on select dates, so please see the “When Can I Book For?” section or contact us to discuss availability.

For those who would prefer a one-to-one experience then our longer lessons of 30 minutes and up are perfect. You have a choice between three aircraft; the Robinson R22, Guimbal Cabri G2 and the Robinson R44.

Click on each aircraft type to see more information on these aircraft.

You then also have a choice of which Airfield you would like your experience from. Although our shop does ask which airfield you would like to fly from, all our Trial Lessons are transferable at no additional cost. Just state where you would like to fly from when booking; Lee-on-the-Solent Airfield or Blackbushe Airport.

The final choice is then how long you would like your lesson for. Each aircraft has a choice of 30 minutes or an hour, which is the time spent in the air. You will need to allow extra time for pre-flight and de-briefs with your instructor.

Phoenix do also offer Discovery Days which are a full two hours in the air (split into two one-hour lessons either on the same day or separate) with two hours of Ground School with an instructor.

These options are designed more for those interested in starting training with us, however can also be that extra special experience for those that wish to learn more than just the basics.

All our one-to-one Trial Lessons are available to book 7 days a week subject to aircraft and instructor availability.

Pleasure Flights…

So you or your lucky recipient would like to sit back, relax and enjoy some spectacular scenery and have decided that a Pleasure Flight is just for you. Now all you need to do is decide on which one.. For those that are after a ‘budget friendly’ or ‘first time flyers’ gift, then the Buzz Flight is the choice for you. These 10 minute tours are perfect for those that want to give someone an extra special gift without breaking the bank, or for those that would like to have a taster of what it is like to fly in a helicopter before splashing out on a longer tour. These tours are run on select dates only and may only be available from select airfields so please make sure you read all sections available on when and where they take place.

If a longer tour is more your ideal, then we offer both 20 and 60 minute tours from both our branches at Lee-on-the-Solent Airfield and Blackbushe Airport.

Obviously depending on which airfield you wish to fly from will depend on the tour that we will conduct. From Lee-on-the-Solent we offer Portsmouth and Isle of Wight tours, and from Blackbushe Airport we offer Henley-on-Thames and London Tours.

One final choice for those that wish to purchase a Pleasure Flight is the option to buy a single seat or a Family Pack.

Single Seat vouchers are only flown on select dates as the flight will be shared with other passengers, however this can be a great option for those that can’t stretch to the exclusive Family Pack but would like to enjoy a longer flight.

Family Pack Vouchers are for the whole aircraft. Theses vouchers are a lot easier to book and can be flown without being full. You do also receive a discount to if you were to purchase all three seats on a single basis. These vouchers can be booked 7 days a week, subject to pilot and aircraft availability.

Dining Packages…

Now for those of you that want to be treated like royalty, the dining package is the choice for you. These flights are exclusively for two people and include;

· A return flight to a 4/5* hotel

· In-flight champagne

· Set-course lunch or afternoon tea at the hotel We have a choice of three hotels that we fly into; Chewton Glen Hotel in the New Forest, Bailiffscourt Hotel in West Sussex, and Oakley Hall hotel in North Hampshire. Click on each hotel to visit their website.

These flights are only for two passengers; however, you may pay an additional charge to add a third person on the flight with you.

Please also call us to discuss availability as this flight will also depend on availability at the hotel.

We hope this information has helped you to decide what flight to book for you or your loved one. However, if you still can’t choose or you don’t see anything that suits you please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below, as we would be more than happy to discuss bespoke options for you.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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